Questions & Answers

Do RMS promotions apply to TIER 2 customers?
How does the privately-hosted version work? Do we buy a license and then add as many devices as we like?
Can you use RMS on NVR recorders?
If I have a switch connected to a RUT240, can I access the computers connected to that switche?
Can you send an SMS reset command to a group of (or all) routers via RMS?
I'm trying to add an RUT device to RMS, but it tells me the device is already added. It is not on my acccount, so how can I remove it from whatever account it's on and re-add it to mine?
Could I get a copy of this PowerPoint presentation emailed to me?
Can I use a master config file on RMS?
Where can I find more information regarding RMS Connect and RMS VPN configuration?
Where can I get support for RMS and Teltonika Networks devices?
Can I activate and deactivate RMS at will?
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