Reliable Connectivity For Remote Digital Billboard Management


Ever driven down a highway and seen one of those big, dual-screen digital billboards? The one facing both directions of the traffic and catching your eye with a spicy ad – but not so much as to distract you from the road?

Balancing how much of your attention these ads should capture is not an exact science. Managing the billboards, on the other hand – either by routinely replacing the ad or by doing any form of maintenance – is an exact science. You may think a simple software would do the trick, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. But when the billboard is by a highway in the middle of nowhere, the real challenge is establishing an internet connection through which you can reach it.


A digital ad installed in a shopping mall is easily accessible. Even working on it remotely isn’t difficult, since the mall typically provides an internet connection. However, this isn’t the case for our giant highway billboard.

Why is that?

As no place is bad for business (trust us, we checked), there’s no highway you shouldn’t be advertising in. This includes ones in urban areas, rural areas, and areas you technically know exist but are so far away from anything that you can’t really be sure. These billboards are installed in all of them and require the same type of management.

Sending the nearest available engineer to the billboard’s location is time-inefficient, costly, and not exactly the cutting-edge solution a digital billboard demands. Accessing it remotely is the ideal and most efficient thing to do, but when there’s no Wi-Fi and cell reception is unreliable, remote accessing is easier said than done.


Since the billboards are far from everything, their internet connection must be self-sufficient. It has to be stable, reliable, fast, and secure to minimize the potential of things going wrong and make the engineer’s job as simple as the digital age always promises.

In other words, the digital billboard needs to have a quality, high-performance industrial cellular router, such as our RUT360. Its biggest selling point is its 4G LTE Cat 6 internet coupled with carrier aggregation, ensuring a reliable, high-speed data transfer between content management system (CMS) and billboard – no matter how far away they are from each other. Compatibility with RMS and its dedicated VPN protects that transfer via an encrypted data tunnel.

Accompanying that is the standard device package of flexibility and durability you can expect from Teltonika Networks connectivity devices: compact size, rugged aluminum housing, DIN rail mounting options, and resistance to both vibrations and extreme temperatures.

Whatever the environmental conditions are, RUT360 will shrug it off and keep your connection running and stable.




  • Equipped with 4G LTE Cat 6 and carrier aggregation, RUT360 provides a reliable, high-speed data transfer for any IoT solution.
  • Compatibility with our Remote Management System (RMS) allows for further simplifying your remote access capabilities and bolstering your solution’s security with a dedicated VPN.
  • Designed with industrial and adverse application settings in mind, RUT360 relies on its compact size, rugged aluminum housing, DIN rail mounting options, and resistance to both vibrations and extreme temperatures to more or less ignore environmental conditions and stay focused on its job – providing unwavering connectivity with ease.


RUT360 is an upgrade to our best-seller, the RUT240, but it flexes bigger internet muscles for IoT solutions where LTE Cat 4 just doesn’t cut it. In other words, it’s an extra powerful version of our portfolio’s best performer.

As the world of IoT is dynamic and constantly changing, so must our portfolio. We always look for ways to improve upon our products and satisfy the ever-growing myriad of IoT needs in the best way possible. This striving for improvement and added value makes our devices live up to their promise, time and time again.

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