EOL Announcement for RUT & TRB Products

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March 14, 2024

RUT300, RUT360, TRB245, and TRB255 are entering their product EOL stage. In this article, we overview what this means, what the EOL timeline is, and which replacement products you should consider.


The following Teltonika Networks products are entering their product End of Life stage (EOL): RUT300, RUT360, TRB245, and TRB255.

This product EOL announcement signifies that these products have entered the final phase of the Teltonika Networks product life cycle. There is still enough time for you to make orders for these products and plenty more time to receive support for these products.

This decision was made with supply chain reliability in mind. Comparable replacement products can be found listed further down this article.

Below you can find the EOL timeline, indicating the dates on which each of the five EOL stages begins and their definition:

The EOL timeline

EOL announcement – 13.03.2024

Official EOL announcement date.

End of ordering – 13.09.2024

After this date, we will not be accepting orders for these products.

End of production – 13.03.2025

After this date, we will not be manufacturing these products.

End of Support – 13.06.2030

Starting from 13.03.2025, for a period of 12 months, we will continue to release new software updates for these products, including major new RutOS improvements, updates, and system features. After that, for an additional period of 12 months, we will not release new software updates but will continue to provide security and bug fixes. After that and until 13.06.2030, we will continue to make our best efforts to provide customer support for these products, excluding new software releases and security and bug fixes.


Replacement products

To ensure our portfolio continues to meet the needs of your IoT solutions, we recommend the following replacement products, respective for each device:


Product differences

These replacement products were developed for the purpose of replacing the products entering their EOL stage. They are highly similar in features and purpose, and differ only in the following ways:


Additional information

You can find additional information about the EOL stage of Teltonika Networks products in our EOL page. For any inquiries you may have, we encourage you to reach out to us by pressing the button below or by contacting your sales manager directly.

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