November 19, 2020

We are Teltonika Networks: an ambitious company with a focus to provide secure, reliable, and easy to use networking equipment. Over two decades, we have launched a variety of new products, including cellular routers with an array of different features, cellular modems for easy but reliable connectivity, cellular gateways to support industrial applications, and even Remote Management System (RMS) to access the devices from anywhere in the world. But today, we are introducing something completely different. Please give a warm welcome to our first-ever rack mountable cellular enterprise router with SFP port - RUTXR1!



Enterprise series products are used as a backbone of overall networking infrastructure in offices, shopping malls, and other settings to connect a variety of different devices. Usually, internet equipment is stored in a server room using 19' rack cabinets. For this reason, all equipment must be easily mountable. With our RUTXR1 it a matter of minutes and four screws to easily place it into any usual server cabinet or a 19” mounting rack. However, having various settings and application scenarios in mind, we made RUTXR1 compact and easily storable anywhere, may it be a café, retail outlet or small to medium office environment, one may even simply put it on their desk.


The unique combination of features makes this router unbeatable when it comes to connectivity among others. You may choose from Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi that are quite common in the enterprise router range but what makes it really special are the SFP port and 4G LTE Cat 6 with Dual SIM to guarantee connection continuity at all times. The SFP allows connecting a fiber-optic cable directly without any additional converters and reaching high speeds. This option is perfect for enterprise setting where a speedy connection with high data throughput is a must.

In case of any unexpected internet connectivity issues, Dual SIM functionality ensures you stay online using LTE Cat 6 4G network. A lot of you are familiar with our RUT9 series, which is a well-known predecessor featuring two SIM card slots, allowing the use of two different operators to ensure an ultra-reliable backup.

Nowadays, having a cellular backup option in a server room is crucial. Dual SIM is irreplaceable as you want to be as immune to any connectivity downtime as possible. Having a router with a reliable cellular backup, just as RUTXR1 offers, can help avoid a lot of problems and ensure smooth operation at all times.

Having an option to use cellular network has another benefit in case of lost connectivity. It allows reaching the devices remotely and complete debugging process. So, in essence it ensures backup for the whole infrastructure.


Imagine you have a small store, and you are using a switch, an access point for the wi-fi, a router, SFP converter and additional cellular modem for the backup of the internet. What if we say you only need one router to achieve all of these things?

What makes this device so special, is not one technology, but a cohesive combination of fiber, Ethernet, wi-fi and cellular connectivity options, all in one versatile package. Paired with advanced RutOS networking and security features and powerful Remote Management System to control your infrastructure with ease from anywhere in the world, this option becomes really hard to compete with.


We have prepared two use cases to illustrate the benefits of RUTXR1. In the first one, we talk about office connectivity challenges, especially during the setting-up process, and how RUTXR1 can help solve a lot of them and grow together with your establishment. In the second one, we discuss how connectivity issues can have long-term effects on customer experience and loyalty and how RUTXR1 helps to avoid these problems.

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