Seamless and easy to set-up enterprise connectivity

Seamless and easy to set-up enterprise connectivity


According to various sources, each hour of enterprise downtime may cost from 140 000 USD to 500 000 USD on average. Every office has its internet infrastructure. Depending on the scope and nature of the business, various routers, gateways, switches, and server rooms are set up. While the internet provider is responsible for the stable connection, each enterprise IT office or administrator decides on what kind of technology they will be using to ensure a seamless working experience.


Each Internet Service Provider focuses on different connectivity options. Some of them are offering only wired connectivity, like Ethernet or fiber, others - only mobile internet connectivity, and some of them have a combination of options to choose from. There is no one right answer to which option is the best one. All of them have their pluses and minuses, so the best choice depends on an individual case. The goal is to reduce internet downtime as much as possible, and we strongly believe that implementing a backup connectivity source is the best way to achieve this.

Whenever starting a new business, there are plenty of challenges involved. Moving into a new building, one cannot know what to expect, which makes it hard to get ready and be up and running smoothly. Connectivity issues are common, and choosing a router with so many options as RUTXR1 offers can help save a lot of headaches and expenses.


With RUTXR1, it is possible to use wired connection, such as Ethernet or fiber, along with the mobile internet for a backup. This model has five Gigabit Ethernet ports and an SFP module, as well as 4G connectivity with dual SIM. Combining these options allows using three different internet providers and minimize the risk of downtime significantly.

Besides, RUTXR1 is rack-mountable, and it will fit in perfectly into a 19” cabinet or simply anywhere due to its compact size. Additionally to internet backup, RUTXR1 also has dual redundant power supplies, which makes it almost impossible to experience any network-related problems even in case one of the power sources fails. As shown in the topology below, RUTXR1 can be used to connect various devices in the office environment: from laptops and desktop computers to printers and meeting room equipment (like video call tools and tablets). Having multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports, it can offer cable internet to at least five different products. Moreover, it supports more than 100 concurrent Wi-Fi connections at a time, so it can fully serve a small to medium-sized office.




RUTXR1 is a product suitable for a variety of applications and interfaces. It is specially made for office connectivity and can easily adjust to your changing business infrastructure and requirements that come along with these changes. It offers high internet speeds and an unbreakable connection that is hard to beat by other similar products in the segment. One could call it a networking super-product as it fits into almost any business model and can replace additional access points, fiber converters, or modems for backup. So, in essence, it is one product to suffice for all of the business scenarios, which can be speedily deployed and grow together with your establishment.

Featured product RUTXR1

RUTXR1 is our first-ever rack-mounted LTE Cat6 router with redundant power supplies and WAN interfaces, which can be conveniently placed in a server cabinet. It is equipped with dual SIM, USB, and Wave-2 802.11ac Dual Band WIFI. But what makes this product stand out from the rest of Teltonika Networks products are the SFP WAN and dedicated console ports. The unique feature set of this product allows using it as a primary product in a small or home office with LTE backup capabilities, powerful WiFi, and no need for an additional SFP to Ethernet converter. Learn more on wiki page