✔ The downtime costs of enterprises are a serious risk that can be avoided by choosing the right enterprise router and ensuring backup connectivity and power sources for maximum redundancy.

✔ The RUTXR1 cellular router was designed with enterprise needs in mind and features multiple levels of redundancy, including an SFP port, console port, two SIM slots with WAN failover, and two 4-pin DC connectors.

✔ This rackmount router ensures robust and uninterrupted enterprise Wi-Fi while being easy to deploy, making it the ideal choice for your office space.

The challenge – the enterprice of enterprise connectivity

In 2020, the average hourly downtime cost of enterprises worldwide ranged from $301,000 to $400,000. In order to avoid such high costs, every office must reinforce its Internet infrastructure with backup connectivity sources. This ensures an uninterrupted connection and eliminates downtime.

So, where should you begin?

Everything starts with the choice of enterprise router. With a plethora of networking device options out there, understanding what your enterprise infrastructure needs is the stepping stone. First, it’s important for the chosen device to be easy to install in an enterprise environment. In most cases, this means a rackmount router.

Second, you’re going to need wireless capabilities for enterprise Wi-Fi. 4G connectivity offers reliable speeds suitable for the needs of an enterprise – a 4G router with a few Gigabit Ethernet ports would deliver everything your average office space would ever realistically need.

Lastly, you want redundancy. A single SIM card slot for a single ISP isn’t going to cut it, and neither would a single power supply. You also want to ensure the chosen 4G router has at least one small form-factor pluggable (SFP) port. An SFP port enables connection to multiple Internet sources and minimises the risk of downtime.

These are quite a few boxes to check, but don’t worry – Teltonika Networks has the perfect enterprise router for you.



The solution – SFP enterprise redundancy

Your uninterrupted enterprise connectivity wants the RUTXR1 enterprise router by Teltonika Networks. This rackmount router was designed to meet the specific needs of enterprises, with each of its key features covering every area.

The RUTXR1 is a 4G router with LTE Cat 6 connectivity, providing cellular speeds of up to 300 Mbps with carrier aggregation and Wave-2 802.11ac dual-band enterprise Wi-Fi supporting up to 100 simultaneous connections.

This is further boosted by the simple yet strategic placement of TAP200 access points connected to the RUTXR1 via PoE injectors. These ensure optimal wireless coverage without requiring additional cabling. In simpler terms, your office will have all its Internet needs more than satisfied, and you can expect seamless data flow at all times.

This enterprise router features five Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) ports and the much-needed SFP port for long-range fibre-optic communication. In addition, it has two SIM card slots and WAN failover, providing multiple levels of connection redundancy.

In terms of power supply redundancy, the RUTXR1 comes with two 4-pin DC connectors for the main and backup power sources, each with an input voltage range of 9-50 VDC.

An excellent added bonus to this cellular router is its compatibility with RMS – the Remote Management System of Teltonika Networks. If your enterprise comprises multiple branches or offices, remote management capabilities will save you a great deal of costs over time.

For example, RMS Connect and VPN enable secure remote access of 3rd party equipment. This means that your network engineers don’t need to travel on-site for every firmware update, password change, or troubleshooting – they can do it all at once from one place using a secure remote connection.

Don’t fall victim to the “downtime won’t happen to me” mind trap – choose the RUTXR1 cellular router and rest assured your enterprise connectivity is safe and robust. 

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