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February 20, 2024

Teltonika Networks continues to expand its footprint in the North American market, receiving UL/CSA 62368-1 certifications for three of its cellular routers and C1D2 certifications for two of those three devices. C1D2 marks those devices as safe to use in industrial IoT solutions in environments where flammable and hazardous materials are present.


In early June, we announced that several Teltonika Networks cellular routers have received certifications from a number of North American entities. Included among them is the First Responder Network (FirstNet), which certifies networking equipment as fit for providing and ensuring connectivity for first responders, disaster response, and emergencies.

Not only that, but the RUTM50, our 5G router tailored-made for the North American market, has very recently been certified by T-Mobile.

Today, we’re equally excited to announce two things. First is that the RUT241, RUT951, and RUT956 industrial cellular routers have received the UL/CSA 62368-1 certification.

The second and more exciting one is that the RUT951 and RUT956 (but not the RUT241) have also received the C1D2 certification, making them safe to use in hazardous environments in North America.

What is C1D2?

The U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) classifications of electrical devices that are safe to use in hazardous environments are categorized into classes, divisions, groups, and temperature codes by the NFPA 70 standard. These relate to different hazard risks in industrial environments, with C1D2 in particular standing for Class 1 Division 2.

Class 1 relates to the risk of flammable vapours, gases, or liquids, such as ammonia, propane, ethylene, etc. Division 2 relates to hazardous (i.e. flammable and/or explosive) materials being present in a hazardous environment and potentially posing a risk of leaks, system failures, etc.

Having received the C1D2 certification, the RUT951 and RUT956 cellular routers are safe to use in environments where flammable and hazardous materials are present.


The RUT951 and RUT956 cellular routers receiving the C1D2 certification opens a new market for Teltonika Networks in North America. Prior to this, it was not possible to deploy our devices in industrial IoT solutions where volatile flammable liquids or gases are handled, processed, or used.

However, thanks to this certification, the RUT951 and RUT956 cellular routers can now be deployed in such solutions. This means that industrial IoT solutions installed in oil and gas exploration and production facilities, chemical plants and facilities, refinery operations, mining operations, power generation facilities, petrochemical plants, and more, can safely rely on the RUT951 and RUT956 cellular routers for stellar connectivity.

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