WitchOS Version 1.02 is Here for Your Managed Switches

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April 2, 2024

The newest version of WitchOS, version 1.02, is here to make network management with Teltonika Networks managed switches even better. In this article, we go over the key new and improved functionalities you should be aware of.


If you’re using Teltonika Networks cellular routers and IoT gateways in your networking solution, chances are you’re familiar with their operating system: RutOS. But if your solutions also include our managed network switches, such as the TSW202 PoE+ switch and the TSW212, you know that these run on a different operating system: WitchOS.

Just as RutOS receives periodic firmware updates, today we’d like to unveil the key additions and improvements that come with the newest update to WitchOS: version 1.02. Let’s go over each of these three categories.

New functionality

There's no point in burying the lead – let’s start with the exciting stuff. First, WitchOS now includes static IP leases. These allow you to specify only part of any given MAC address so that managed switches and end devices from any given manufacturer will always receive the same IP address.

Secondly, WitchOS now supports Privileged Access Management (PAM), allowing you to use Radius and TACACS+ authentication when accessing devices and efficiently manage the users on your server. Beyond Radius and TACACS+ it can be used to easily remove a departing employee and their access to end devices.

Thirdly, we’ve also added the functionality to restart PoE+ in any given port via ping reboot. This lets you reboot end devices powered via a switch’s PoE+ port, such as a CCTV camera, in case they stop responding.



While perhaps not as exciting as totally new features, version 1.02 brings a few improvements that will help optimise your workflow with our managed switches.

Firstly, additional firmware types have been added to the keeps-settings check. This checks whether settings or configurations should be retained or reset during an update, reboot, or when switching operational modes, and will now be more comprehensive.

We’ve also improved the process of mounting events log partition. This makes the event log partition more easily accessible to the system, which in turn will improve troubleshooting and monitoring processes.

Lastly, we’ve updated the WebUI of the header, embedding it to the top of the screen for more efficient and convenient use.

What should WitchOS 1.03 bring?

We hope this latest WitchOS update brings value to your workflow using our managed network switches. The see the full list of changes, you can navigate to our Wiki knowledge base, choose either the TSW202 or TSW212, and select Firmware Downloads.

If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions for new or improved functionality you’d like to see in the next WitchOS update or our managed switches, please reach out to us by pressing the button below, and let’s have a chat!

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