Beyond the Platform: Accessing Third-Party Devices with ease


The limits of the RMS platform do not end with remotely managing your Teltonika Networks routers and gateways. With RMS Connect and VPN, a horizon of remote IoT accessing is at your fingertips. Join RMS Product Owner, Tomas Mikolaitis, as he goes beyond the platform and shows how you can get the most out of RMS by easily and securely accessing your third-party devices remotely.

Questions & Answers

Is there a list of RMS VPN-compatible 3rd Party Devices?
What about licensing VPN HUB and Quick Connect compares?
Is there are plans for the Linux version of the RMS VPN client?
I have logged in to RMS, but 3rd party devices are not showing. How do I get my devices on my RMS portal?
Please explain On Demand Usage.
What are the main differences between the standard RMS and the RMS VPN?
Can I purchase only RMS VPN?
I have RUTX11 with active free 30 days trial. Can I pause it?
Do you require only one license for all devices or a license per device?
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