PoE technology simplifying office network integrations


Smartphones have certainly changed the way we interact with technology and each other. However, the office environment with all technological innovations has mostly stayed unchanged. Of course, analog phones have were replaced with their modern digital versions; standard networks have gone wireless with numerous access points mounted across the office. Besides, security cameras with connected access control devices are helping building managers to ensure the security of the employees. Naturally, changing the way we interact with technology poses new challenges for office network integrators.


With the increasing popularity of IP devices, offices have more connected equipment than ever before. Therefore more networking devices are needed to use all capabilities and make more manageable and convenient installations. Usually, it is hard to provide electrical power to all necessary places in the office, and of course, it is not convenient or efficient, as devices can be installed and disassembled in time as the needs of office operators evolves. With PoE technology, you can deploy network devices into places where there are no power outlets available through a single Ethernet cable. Of course, this allows you to use fewer power adapters. Switches with PoE technology allows using existing network infrastructures for rapid deployment without the need for an electrician.


Here we demonstrate, how IP devices that can be powered by PoE technology, such as IP Cameras, IP Phones, wireless access points, and access control solutions, can be connected to PoE switch – TSW100. PoE technology solves many challenges during the installation process because you don't need any services of electrical installers. Networking engineers can connect and deliver both power and data with one ethernet cable for PoE compliant devices. In this specific example, the TSW100 PoE switch is connected to our cellular router RUTX11. This secure, high-performance router is responsible for Internet connectivity from wired or mobile sources and is managing and controlling all traffic rules. RUTX11 is equipped with 4G LTE CAT6 mobile technology, able to deliver up to 300 Mbps over cellular networks. Naturally, if the main connection is lost or is unstable, this cellular router can switch to another cellular provider due to its Dual SIM & Auto Failover feature. RUTX11 can also deliver powerful wireless service with Dual-Band AC Wi-Fi functionality along with secure and flexible usage settings and statistics for the users and system operators. Together our cellular router RUTX11 and newly released PoE switch TSW100 is an excellent solution for office device connectivity deployment.




  • Fast and easy to deploy – switch eliminates the usage of electrical power units.
  • Easy to use – TSW100 switch is a plug-and-play device, while RUTX11 has many functionalities, that allows fast and easy setup.
  • Secure - data will be safe due to advanced security features of the RUTX11, such as VPN, IPsec, Firewall, and Access Control.
  • Reliable connectivity – Dual SIM functionality makes mission-critical connectivity.
  • Convenience - Dual-Band AC Wi-Fi functionality allows to provide secure connectivity to employees in the office and for visitors.

WHY Teltonika Networks?

Products of Teltonika Networks are used in various business types such as the financial, industrial, or government sectors for more than two decades. Security, reliability, and ease of use brought from the industrial sector to the office environment. PoE switch TSW100 makes the installation of additional equipment more flexible and convenient. RUTX11 ensures the maximum security of the whole network.

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