5G-Enabled Remote Construction Work


✔ The throughput provided by 4G is not enough for construction workers to operate heavy machinery remotely and with the comfort other professions have come to enjoy.

✔ Supporting 5G technology, the TRB500 industrial gateway can reach a speed of up to 1Gbps and latency of single-digit milliseconds, making it possible for the machine and its remote operator to remain synchronized using VR technology.

✔ This power boost does not come at the cost of other staple features, as the TRB500 and its Gigabit ETH port are just as versatile, reliable, secure, sturdy, and compact as the brand of Teltonika Networks promises.


As the march of innovation moves ever forward, our lives become easier and more comfortable. However, while many of us have the luxury of working from home in our slippers, or even from a beach resort with a good Internet connection, not all jobs enjoy the luxuries of remote work.

Imagine a construction worker operating heavy machinery, like an excavator or a backhoe loader. The nature of their job not only means they have to be on-site but also that their work environment is far from comfortable. Icy cold, scorching heat, dust, mud, rugged terrain, and the list goes on and on. And that’s without even mentioning work that needs to be done in hazardous environments. Not exactly the peak of comfort technology always promises, is it?

They probably would work from home if they could, but building an entire paved road from scratch isn’t a task a makeshift home office can help with. However, this didn’t stop innovators from coming up with remote solutions in which the operator can utilize virtual reality (VR) technologies to operate heavy machinery from a remote station that comes with all the comforts we’ve come to enjoy.

The problem is – the bandwidth such a solution would require is beyond the capabilities of a 4G network. Like hoverbikes and teleporters, the technology just isn’t there yet.

Or is it?




4G is not enough, but what about 5G? While this technology has already been around for a few years, it’s only now starting to gain momentum as the infrastructure is finally catching up. It’s a good time to start enabling remote capabilities for a wider range of professions, and what connectivity device is better suited for this than our TRB500 5G industrial gateway?

The Internet connection provided by the TRB500 can reach a speed of up to 1 Gbps, achieving end-to-end latency of single-digit milliseconds. It is precisely this robust performance boost that enables the remote operation of such machinery using VR; making it so the remote operator and on-site machine work in seamless synchronicity. And if you think this sounds like science fiction, we’re pleased to inform you that we’ve reached the point where it really is just science.

Importantly, none of the staple features of 4G Teltonika Networks devices had to be sacrificed to accommodate this 5G support. The TRB500 is designed with vibration-filled industrial environments in mind, is just as versatile in its I/O range, and is just as compact to slot into your setup with its Gigabit ETH port.

Not too long ago, working from home was a logistical challenge for most people. With 5G, even construction workers could start working remotely today. It’s hard to say where’s the limit of 5G technology, but rest assured that when we do reach that limit – we’ll do it remotely, while wearing slippers.

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