8-Port Ethernet Switch for Industrial Manufacturing


✔ Technologies such as automation and predictive maintenance in industrial manufacturing require network centralisation of all equipment involved in the process. In turn, this centralisation requires the deployment of an Ethernet switch.

✔ The Teltonika TSW030 is an affordable 8-port Ethernet switch featuring eight 10/100 Mbps RJ45 ports and low power consumption for maximum cost-effectiveness.

✔ This unmanaged switch is also equipped with a DIN rail mounting bracket and a 2-pin power input for simple and quick deployment in industrial manufacturing settings.

The challenge – industrial manufacturing centralisation

The manufacturing industry has always strived for peak efficiency at minimum costs. In recent times, technologies such as automation and predictive maintenance have become synonymous with Industry 4.0. These are big terms powered by smaller ones, and of those smaller but key ingredients is network centralisation.

In order to automate or predict anything in a manufacturing facility, all machines involved must be connected to a single network. Achieving this is more complex than simply placing a Wi-Fi router somewhere along the manufacturing line and hoping for the best.

It requires careful and deliberate network infrastructure planning, taking into account access and security concerns and the choice of networking equipment, including Ethernet switches.

Ethernet switches are like the onion of networking solutions – never a meal by itself, but always improving the meals that include it. They are the centralising element of network infrastructures, both streamlining M2M communication and making it easier for support engineers to access and perform updates and troubleshoot end devices when needed.

But which Ethernet switch should you choose? There are managed and unmanaged switches available with a multitude of port numbers, mounting options, throughput rates, form factors, and more. With so many options, it’s easy to get lost, but one device got you covered: the TSW030.



The solution – switching to affordable efficiency

The best Ethernet switch for such a use case is the Teltonika TSW030 unmanaged switch. This device is an 8-port Ethernet switch, equipped with eight 10/100 Mbps RJ45 ports.

These speeds are utilitarian in nature, enabling sufficient throughput for equipment common in industrial manufacturing so that you don’t have to pay for more exciting speeds your machines will never use. After all, what’s the value in efficiency if it isn’t also cost-effective?

On top of the equipment connected to this 8-port switch, the TSW030 is also connected to the Teltonika RUT301 Ethernet router, which itself is connected to the server that acts as the destination of all data in the facility.

This unmanaged switch is a compact, plug-and-play device designed for simple and quick deployment. It features a 2-pin power input suitable for industrial applications and an integrated DIN rail bracket for easy mounting.

In addition to being affordable by itself, the TSW030 is also affordable in terms of power consumption. This 8-port Ethernet switch consumes up to 0.5 W when idle and a maximum of up to 1.5 W only.

Don’t lag behind your increasingly-efficient competition, deploy the TSW030 8-port switch and centralise your manufacturing equipment.

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