Bringing Automation to the Textile Industry


✔ The textile industry must automate as many of its processes as it can to meet the exponentially-growing demand it’s facing. The problem is that this industry uses many different types of machines, so flexibility and ease of installation are at a premium.

✔ Solving this issue is our new TSW010 industrial unmanaged switch, which comes with an integrated DIN rail bracket and 5 Fast Ethernet ports.

✔ Sufficient for most industrial applications since they don’t require high throughput, this device is a cost-effective way to fulfill your connectivity needs with maximum quality, reliability, and ease of installation.


When we think about the technology and innovation of the human race, we think of incomprehensible webs of data and compact supercomputers that fit in our pockets. But it’s just that – the pocket – that is one of the defining features of our sapience. Or rather, the invention of clothing as a whole.

Clothing has been around since before we started recording history, and while its basic premise has changed very little over the years, its production has changed dramatically not too long ago and still needs more changing to adapt to modern-day demand.


Simple. Because in the year 0, Earth’s population was approximately 190 million, while in 2022 we are on the precipice of 7.9 billion. The demand for pants has never been higher, and that pushes the textile industry to automate as many of its processes as possible to successfully meet this demand.

The good news is that increased automation would not just ensure demand is met, but the industry as a whole will be more efficient and less costly. The bad news is that the sheer number of machines used in the industry is beyond huge, and automation needs network connectivity in order to access all of them from the main server. This calls for a connectivity device suitable for large-scale solutions!


From the harvesting of cotton to the knitting of that nice sweater you just bought (which looks great on you, by the way!), each machine must accept the gift of IoT and become connected. Luckily, we have just the right connectivity device for the job: the TSW010 industrial switch.

Simplicity is key with the TSW010. It connects different textile machines into a single, unified system; this allows reaching, controlling, and commanding them from the server without the need for manual configuration or maintenance of those machines. Plug in some Ethernet cables, and you have all you need for smooth data transmission.

The main selling point of the TSW010 is how easily it fits into many different solution setups. This is because on top of being a plug-n-play, compact and sturdy device, it also has an integrated DIN rail bracket. This means less hassle and no additional equipment are needed for its installation, which saves a lot of time and money the bigger the scale of your solution and the more different machines it has.

What else does this switch have to offer? Its 5 Fast Ethernet ports support 10/100 Mbps, which is sufficient for reliable data transmission in manufacturing M2M communication. Thanks to its rugged aluminum housing, it can also withstand the vibrations and high temperatures often found in these kinds of industrial environments.

In short, the TSW010 is a cost-effective way to fulfill your connectivity needs with maximum quality, reliability, and ease of installation.


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