Remote Maintenance Of Advanced Coffee Machines


People living a century ago didn’t have smartphones in their pockets or computers to sit in front of. They didn’t have televisions, the internet, post-it notes, or sliced bread either. Such revolutionary inventions have reshaped how we function as a society and as a species, but none of them would be possible without the unsung hero of innovation: coffee.

The first coffee filter was invented in 1908 by Melitta Bentz. Exactly how anyone got anything done with any amount of productivity before that is knowledge lost to the ages. These days, however, commercial coffee machines used by many cafés and restaurants are a very advanced piece of technology. Their firmware needs updating and technical malfunctions can and will occur at some point. As such, they require maintenance just like any other device.

A cutting-edge coffee machine malfunctioning is a serious matter, as few devices contribute to making the world go round as much as coffee machines do. So when the local barista can no longer supply people with their cup o’ joe in the morning because something’s wrong with their machine – you know the stakes have never been higher.


So what’s the problem here, exactly? A malfunctioning commercial coffee machine means pulling the plug on a café or restaurant’s vein of income and damaging its reputation. A quick and effective fix is needed to prevent that. To accomplish that, a specialized engineer in charge of maintenance needs to travel to the location of the coffee machine, manually inspect it to figure out what’s wrong, and fix it. Even if nothing went wrong but a firmware update is needed to prevent future malfunctions, the engineer still needs to get to the machine’s location to do so.

Companies that provide this maintenance service can have thousands of coffee machines under their care, all in different locations. Naturally, this means a lot of resources need to be spent on travel time and cost, as well as on employing many engineers to ensure that one is always available when a machine needs their attention. All factors considered, maintaining a single coffee machine can cost over a thousand bucks per year. If, say, you have a thousand machines to maintain – that becomes over a million in total.


An advanced commercial coffee machine requires a connection to an internet network. If you did your due diligence on the matter and settled on one of our industrial gateways, we have something that will make this challenge a non-problem quickly and easily.

It just so happens that nearly all of our devices are compatible with our flagship RMS management solution. Through RMS, it’s possible to group all of your devices and access them remotely via a clean and simple interface. Your engineers could start monitoring, updating and troubleshooting coffee machines near and far from the office or even from home, with no extra traveling required. Your entire support infrastructure can become much more efficient. Not only that, but it can become significantly more cost-effective as well. We estimate that using RMS can reduce your maintenance expenses by over 80%.




  • Choosing RMS means choosing efficiency and comfort. Everything can be done remotely, so why waste time and money on unnecessary travel?
  • RMS improves your operational efficiency. Fewer engineers and vehicles are needed to provide support for your clients, and that support is delivered more quickly and without any hassles.
  • RMS is scalable, meaning that as your fleet of devices grows with each sale, adding more machines into your network is easy.
  • All Teltonika Networks routers and gateways are compatible with RMS, so whichever one is best for your personal needs – RMS can tag along with it and make your life easier.


Advanced machine maintenance is only one of many potential services that can become cheaper and more efficient by using our products. We strive to provide the best connectivity solutions and come up with innovative ways to solve our clients’ problems and optimize their operations. We are very proud of our RMS IoT platform for a reason, and trying it out for your own network will definitely show you why.

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