Fast and unbreakable connectivity for pharmacies


In the USA alone, there are more than 88 000 pharmacy stores. Primarily, the purpose of a pharmacy store is to sell pharmaceuticals and work as a consultancy for the citizens. However, they are for-profit organizations, and their goal is to attract as many customers as possible and sell various products. The best way nowadays to attract and keep a customer is by offering a seamless experience.


Imagine that a customer comes into a pharmacy store and spends a significant amount of time to pick the right pharmaceutical product. When they attempt to pay with a credit card, the payment terminal is not working. That is a poor buying experience, and the customer likely will never come back to the same store.

In another example, a customer comes to the pharmacy store and has an electronic prescription. In case of lost internet connectivity, the pharmacist cannot reach the database. It is yet again a very unpleasant and inconvenient situation for the customer. All devices using the internet require a stable connection; therefore, having a backup option is a must.


Recently Teltonika Networks released the first enterprise-grade cellular router – RUTXR1 with five Gigabit Ethernet ports and an SFP port for communication. For solutions including various components, such as Payment terminal, computer, tablet, CCTV camera, the RUTXR1 fits like a glove. This device is capable of functioning as a primary and a secondary router. It supports fiber optic connectivity and has two SIM card slots. Besides, it offers dual redundant power supplies for electricity backup.

Another great feature of RUTXR1 is dual-band wi-fi, meaning it supports 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, enabling to provide two different networks for the staff and the customers. As seen in the topology below, RUTXR1 provides wi-fi to the wireless payment terminal and a tablet, while the computer and the camera use the Ethernet connectivity.


  • Limitless possibilities – one product for your whole network infrastructure.
  • SFP port – possibility to use fiber optics cable without additional converters.
  • Dual SIM – two SIM cards for network continuity.
  • Rack mountable – easy to install into the enterprise-popular 19” rack, or anywhere, from shelf to industrial cabinet.
  • Remote management – easily accessible via RMS Management. Additionally, RMS Connect enables accessing all devices behind RUTXR1.




RUTXR1 is our first enterprise-grade router with fiber connectivity option. We have developed it by combining our experience along with the feedback from our clients. That is why we have installed dual SIM capability and SFP port into a single device. With this functionality, it becomes a primary and a secondary router in one compact casing.

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