5G router and GPS tracker for public events safety


Iterato is a trusted system implementation and integration expert experienced in working with high-complexity projects in the telecom and finance industries. 

✔ Mapli is an advanced communication platform created by Iterato and tailored for the planning and coordination of public events that involve collaboration between different public safety forces. This platform demands robust network connectivity in order to be used effectively.

✔ This solution is enabled by the Teltonika Networks RUTX50 industrial 5G router, renowned for its low latency and ultra-high cellular speeds and the Teltonika Telematics TMT250 autonomous GPS tracker, equipped with an emergency button.

The challenge – safe public events

Public events and festivities are a joyful and stress-free time. However, as with all large gatherings, safety threats remain a significant concern. The larger the crowd – the larger the safety risk. It makes coordination and communication among all public safety forces, such as the police, medics and firefighters, more challenging.

To ensure safety measures and decrease the number of potential accidents, uninterrupted Internet access is vital. Wondering why?

Continuous Internet access allows public safety forces to monitor situations using a communication application, make quick decisions, and react accordingly without missing important information due to connectivity disruptions and downtime.

Moreover, all safety policies and queries must be prepared in advance, meaning that the solution should be able to provide a communication platform for all safety channels to work and collaborate on.

Our partner, Iterato, has created the advanced communication platform, Mapli, for the safety of large gatherings. This product is designed to enhance the preparedness, collaboration, and reaction time of public safety forces, granting a safer and more connected environment. It enables easy and quick communication among all safety forces, letting them share information and updates with each other.

Additionally, it offers an efficient and user-friendly interface to determine event zones, assign safety teams, and appoint tasks. All these features are accessible through one interactive map with the help of connectivity devices and remote management, enabling real-time data streaming to command and control centres and assisting in the decision-making process in increased-risk situations.

Large crowds congest networks at these events, so it becomes challenging for safety forces to send or receive alerts and data. Cameras are a necessity for secure events, but use heavy amount of data, which increases the latency of data transmission.



The solution – adding the RUTX50 5G industrial router

Our partner chose the 5G router, RUTX50, which is installed in mobile surveillance towers equipped with CCTV cameras connected to the router via Ethernet. At the same time, the 5G router maintains a wireless connection to drones, allowing additional surveillance from above.

This industrial 5G router ensures real-time video streaming from drones and cameras to command and control centres. The router upholds cellular speeds of up to 3.3 Gbps and assures low latency, meaning that heavy data files from drones and cameras are transmitted to the Mapli platform in an instant.

Additionally, 5G networks can support a vast number of connected devices within a small area, far exceeding the capabilities of other mobile technologies. During public events, where thousands of attendees may be using their mobile devices simultaneously, 5G ensures that security systems remain connected and operational, providing uninterrupted coverage.

Moreover, this 5G router is packed with an embedded firewall and numerous VPN services, such as PPTP, L2TP, Stunnel, IPsec, ZeroTier, DMVPN, and SSTP, that establish a safe and encrypted connection. With these security features in mind, Iterato is sure that no cybersecurity threats are in sight.

Reliability is one of the key features of this 5G router. The RUTX50 is equipped with dual SIM failover functionality, enabling the router to automatically switch to a different WAN interface in case of lost mobile data connectivity. This means that the 5G router, which previously received 5G connectivity to support the entire solution, automatically switches to mobile WAN which supports LTE Cat 20, ensuring uninterrupted service.

For Mapli to reach its full potential, our partner also chose the Teltonika Telematics autonomous GPS tracker, the TMT250. It’s an easy-to-use device, packed with an emergency button, allowing safety forces to know the real-time location of fellow safety-force officers or a reported incident.

As you can see, the combination of the RUTX50 5G router and TMT250 autonomous GPS tracker is perfect for ensuring safe public events. It provides undisrupted connectivity, GPS tracking, remote management and monitoring capabilities, and allows real-time data access. These features are crucial for monitoring and securing large gatherings and events, reducing the possibility of safety risks.

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