Digitalizing Laundromat Services


Tarroc Technologies is a system integrator that provides complete solutions in laundry automation, vending machines, and smart parking scenarios based on IoT and sensor networks.

✔ Tarroc has created a mobile application called lavaZum for optimizing laundromat efficiency. However, it requires reliable network connectivity support capable of penetrating thick basement walls and acting as a hotspot to provide laundromat clients with services like online payments.

✔ To ensure the app works efficiently, Tarroc integrated our RUT240 into the solution, enabling robust and uninterrupted network connectivity that can also establish up to 50 simultaneous connections via a Wi-Fi hotspot.


In most major cities, you can stumble upon a myriad of laundromats for a number of reasons. For locals, they provide great convenience, help save water and energy sources, and ensure a thorough laundry cleaning. For business people, it’s an up-and-coming venture with an almost 95% success rate. However, with such great prospects, laundromat businesses have huge competition in the market.

This factor pushes entrepreneurs to find ways to differentiate themselves from other competitors and attract clients. Two of the most notorious methods to achieve these are location and convenience. Better location often translates to establishing laundromats in basements near or even under apartment buildings, but the question of convenience might hit a wall without digitalization.

Since everything is on the Internet these days, it only makes sense to move laundromat services toward the online space with mobile apps. A laundromat service app can significantly elevate your business by saving clients time and energy as well as providing convenience over payments and appliance bookings. But before we can check the convenience box on the registry of a successful laundry business, there’s one more remaining concern – ensuring robust network connectivity for the app to work seamlessly. This isn’t as easy when laundromats are located in basements – also known as one of the worst locations for good Internet signal penetration.



To make a laundromat stand out from its competitors, Tarroc Technologies has integrated one of our bestseller products – the RUT240 cellular router – into its solution and brought that extra layer of convenience through the lavaZum app. The RUT240 has a nifty savior – the WAN failover feature ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity. With hotspot functionality, the router creates a wireless Internet access point for up to 50 simultaneous connections, and thanks to its digital I/Os, the entire solution is controlled and monitored remotely, eliminating the need for technicians to travel and physically perform management tasks. With all these features, the router warms up the stage for lavaZum to shine.

Using the app, laundromat clients can remotely check which washing machines are available or how long would it take for their laundry to be done. They can also book specific laundry machines and make payments via the OpenVend mobile payment solution. The latter feature is essential as coins and cash are becoming a thing of the past. Accompanied by a stable, robust, and wireless Internet signal from the RUT240, lavaZum secures its market advantage with the perfect recipe for a struggle-free laundry day.

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