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Today, we see massive growth in urban development. New shopping malls, skyscrapers, hospitals, offices are built all over the world. All these buildings have many things in common, but the most important one is an elevator. According to Statista, the elevator market size in 2018 exceeded 90 billion USD, and there are forecasts that the market will grow up to 135 billion USD by 2026. This means that every day many elevators must be installed and maintained.


When a manufacturer builds an elevator, the solution does not end at this point. Other specialized businesses take care of installation and operations, and it‘s crucial to maintain these elevators. Many country or city governments have policies that if somebody got stuck in an elevator, the maintaining company have only 1 hour to fix the elevator and free the people. So the maintenance must be available 24/7. This means that the essential features in this market are reliability, security, and remote control and monitoring of the whole system, which includes: elevator, emergency phone, smoke detectors, IP cameras & control screens. Most of these parts require reliable and secure internet connectivity provided by a cellular router which acts as a gateway between the control center the whole system.


The topology shows the main components of the whole solution. Emergency phone, control screens, smoke detection systems, IP cameras are used to ensure that in case of failure, the company operating the lift could resolve it as soon as possible. All maintenance companies invest in security systems and reliability to optimize their operations and reduce the potential need for physical maintenance traveling to all locations where they have elevators deployed. Since the whole solution is is subject to a risk of failure, there must be a reliable way to provide a stable and secure Internet connectivity. Our partners connect all parts of such an elevator solution to our RUTX09 industrial cellular router. It is equipped with 4G LTE Cat6 & 2 SIM card slots, which ensures additional connection reliability through the failover feature. Also, it has four gigabit Ethernet interfaces – sufficient to connect all solution components. Furthermore, it runs our RutOS operating system designed with a multitude of security services such as multiple VPN‘s, firewalls, DDOS attack prevention features, and more. The whole solution can be easily controlled and monitored remotely by using our software system RMS – Remote Management System. Which is fully compatible with all our routers and gateways.




  • Internet failover – possibility to use two different operator SIM cards for internet backup and failover.
  • Security – our products have been tested and validated by the most prominent ISP across the globe.
  • Easy to use – RUTX09 is powered by our RutOS, which has a very friendly user interface - easy to use and understand.
  • Alerts and notifications – if an error occurs, you can be sure that with the help of RMS, you will get alerts and notifications as soon as possible, saving your time and costs.

WHY Teltonika Networks?

RUTX09 is one of our latest products, which includes four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and Dual SIM connectivity. It follows the same product design philosophy, where key features are reliability, security, and ease of use. As all our gateways and routers, RUTX09 is fully compatible with RMS, which gives a possibility to control and monitor the whole solution remotely.

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