Live-streaming Your Children's Football Practices


✔ For parents, watching their children play sports is a joy in and of itself, but it can get challenging when activities like football practices or competitions happen during working hours or too frequently to attend them all.

✔ Live-streaming football practices and competitions is a great option when parents want to check on their children. To function properly, it needs a reliable networking device for always-on connectivity during the live stream, like the 5G RUTX50 cellular router.

✔ This router can upload data at speeds up to 900 Mbps and comes with dual SIM and auto-failover features to guarantee seamless data transfer.


Nearly half of all people on Earth love football, both as a hobby and as entertainment. For them, it’s a way to escape reality and immerse themselves in the emotion of the community of like-minded people.

It’s important to accentuate that this football fever doesn’t run in adults only. Children are just as interested in watching and playing this sport – which is fantastic, knowing it helps them develop their physical skills, improve self-esteem, and most importantly, create many good memories!

However, as the number of youth football clubs increases, so does the frequency of training and competitions. This makes it harder for parents to be consistently present at these events.

For the children – the parents’ presence is important, but it can’t always be guaranteed when events coincide with work or other responsibilities. That’s why it’s necessary to have in mind a solution that lets parents see their children during practices and competitions and for children to still have a sense of parental support.




If there’s one thing the last two years have taught us, it’s that almost everything can be done remotely. Hence, the best method of overcoming this challenge is to live stream children’s football events via social media platforms like YouTube. The RUTX50 cellular router is the ideal option for this solution, as it handles real-time, continuous heavy data throughput with a guarantee of ultra-low latency.

This router can establish 5G network connectivity, making it possible to reach ultra-high upload speeds of up to 900 Mbps, and that’s just what smooth live-streaming requires. However, fast network connectivity speeds and robustness aren’t the only things RUTX50 is capable of. Since this router has a dual SIM with an auto-failover feature, it can automatically switch to a backup connection if the primary network is disrupted. This advantage guarantees the event streaming is uninterrupted and that no interferences will ruin the watching experience.

Watching their children play football via live-streaming platforms allows parents to be present during the events while giving them more freedom and saving hours of time. Simultaneously, children can enjoy playing football while knowing their parents are there for them.

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