✔ Australia-based company, Seb on Set provides video assistance services for a multitude of media outlets – from commercials, television, and even film productions, ensuring the filming crew and director are always equipped with real-time footage taken on set.

✔ Streaming real-time footage can be a challenge without robust network connectivity supplied to the entire streaming-dedicated equipment and the rest of the set’s crew.

✔ With RUTX11’s Wi-Fi, Ethernet ports, and dual SIM’s support and low power demand, Seb on Set ensures the entire crew can watch real-time footage and make appropriate conclusions whether on the filming set or remotely.


When we see a touching film or an advertisement, we often praise the plot or the premise, but there’s always the other side of the lens – film production. It’s just as critical to capture the right moment at the right time on camera. Otherwise, its potential will never be realized in the first place.

Getting the perfect shot for any media content requires the entire crew’s excellent precision and persistence. Or in other words, every aspect of filming and getting the shot must function in tandem. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, strict lockdowns limited accessibility of people on set, making the perfect shot harder to achieve.

One of the most effective ways of overcoming lockdown restrictions was streaming real-time footage via cloud services, through which ad agencies, directors, and producers could access the footage remotely and control the workflow for reducing the need for reshoots.

What once was a way of dealing with Covid-19 constraints has become a new norm in filming industries, thanks to its convenience and flexibility. Though, in providing high streaming performance, it all comes down to one essential link – network connectivity. This is a must in tying the entire solution together. Without robust connectivity, streaming realtime footage can quickly disrupt working efficiency and become a headache for remote and on-set crew members.




Seb on Set employed our RUTX11 router, enabling top-level synergy to the streaming-dedicated and footage-receiving equipment. RUTX11 offers Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and dual SIM support, enabling real-time streaming of heavy data files distributed between many remote and on-set devices.

With Wi-Fi and wired connectivity acting as primary Internet sources, processes like continuous streaming are no trouble; so much so that real-time footage can be accessed via cloud services worldwide. This is especially relevant to remote crew members who cannot be present on the filming set but must view and then sign-off on shots without delay.

In cases when Wi-Fi or wired connectivity isn’t available, Seb on Set can continue deploying seamless data transmission thanks to cellular connectivity. With 4G LTE-A support, speeds of up to 300 Mbps, and dual SIM support, RUTX11 ensures robust network connectivity support and even enable carrier aggregation, which increases the transmission bandwidth. This makes the data reach end devices much faster, enhancing the streaming precision.

Seb on Set connected two antennas to mobile and Wi-Fi interfaces and employed two Ethernet ports for the laptop and SDI video router. These are essential for routing between 1-4 cameras to the video capture device and back to set monitors as needed. The other two Ethernet ports are usually utilized as network connectivity extensions through buildings with thick walls or when the filming crew needs access to local streaming.

Another great feature of RUTX11 lies behind its power demand. Since the footage-dedicated equipment is mobile and needs to run off batteries that provide up to 24 VDC, it faces power supply difficulties. However, RUTX11 can effortlessly operate with a power supply ranging from 9 to 50 VDC, which makes the router highly flexible and applicable in myriad ways – from moving cars to boats and trains.

With these network connectivity supply options, an array of ports and interfaces, and low power demand, Seb on Set ensures each crew member receives the most precise real-time footage streaming. Thanks to that, capturing the perfect shot becomes possible.

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