Uninterrupted Connectivity for the Live2Go Streaming Backpack


Capestone is the specialized distributor for 4G/5G mobile Internet solutions, IoT networks, and critical communications, making mobile Internet available anywhere in the world.

Tradecast is a video solutions software provider enabling users to easily manage and grow their entire video strategy from a single browser tab of its video management platform.

✔ To help content creators meet the demand for live video content, they designed an all-in-one, mobile live-streaming solution: the Live2Go Streaming Backpack.

✔ Providing connectivity to this product is our RUTX12, boasting speeds of up to 600 Mbps with load balancing, Dual SIM functionality, and thanks to Bondix S.A.NE client release – bonding bandwidth aggregation for seamless, uninterrupted connectivity.


At an estimated market size of $104.2 billion, the Creator Economy is a force you shouldn’t underestimate. Independent content creators play a key role in emerging marketing trends, with 52% of marketers adopting them as a channel to strengthen their social community. Growing as part of this economy is the demand for live video content, and in particular for live-streaming from remote or challenging locations where traditional streaming setups aren’t always feasible.

Two of our partners, Capestone and Tradecast, wanted to meet the needs of this increasingly video-oriented world and designed an all-in-one, mobile live-streaming solution: the Live2Go Streaming Backpack. This product provides a compact and portable plug-and-play solution for establishing a self-controlled, online video environment. This helps content creators, journalists, and event organizers stream live events, interviews, or on-the-go footage in real-time, without needing a crew or extensive infrastructure.

The problem was – the backpack needed a reliable connectivity device to ensure creators can maintain a stable internet connection. In some environments, such as rural areas, connectivity is hard to come by. There was no room for compromises on that front, so of course – they came to Teltonika Networks for help.




Providing connectivity to the Live2Go Streaming Backpack is the RUTX12 industrial cellular router by Teltonika Networks. The router is connected via an RJ45 ethernet cable to an HD version of the AWS Elemental Link – a compact video transcoder built by AWS Elemental specifically for its MediaLive video streaming service. A camera is then connected to the transcoder via either the SDI or HDMI ports, and the stream is created using the Tradecast Live Streaming Engine platform.

RUTX12 features dual LTE Cat 6 modems, each of them simultaneously providing speeds of up to 300 Mbps for a total of 600 Mbps. Apart from speed, this device also boasts a number of key features that make it go above and beyond for this solution.

A load balancing function allows using multiple WAN sources to increase throughput, and Dual SIM functionality ensures instant failover switching. Importantly, this opens up the possibility of utilizing bonding bandwidth aggregation by having each modem house a SIM card from a different operator. This was achieved with the help of our trusty partner, Bondix Intelligence, who help bond the two WAN networks together to yield optimal performance.

This is paramount for the Live2Go Streaming Backpack. It means the connection remains seamless for HD video streaming even in remote areas and remains uninterrupted by creating redundancy. If the connection of one of the modems is disrupted for any reason, the second modem instantly takes over without issues, and the stream continues as normal.

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