Water Ski Live Streaming With Bondix Intelligence


LTP Streaming is a streaming service provider responsible for ensuring smooth and uninterrupted, multi-camera live streams for all types of events and industries.

Bondix Intelligence provides network bonding services by establishing extremely-high bandwidths that are especially useful when you need network connectivity in rural areas.

✔ LTP Streaming chose our RUTX12 and Bondix Intelligence services to establish a successful live stream of “The Ultimate DUEL Waterski Battle” in a rural countryside area with subpar Internet capabilities.


“If you could ski on snow, why not water?” – this idea of Ralph Samuelson sparked the rise of waterskiing. What started as a simple leisure activity is now also a competitive sport in places like Cotswolds, United Kingdom. Events like “The Ultimate DUEL Waterski Battle” competition have turned waterskiing into a knockout competition where skiers compete side-by-side for the longest distance. This particular competition, funnily enough, was also inspired by a snow-related sport: a slalom race – but with a more interesting watching experience.

And while this head-to-head competition is much more appealing to watch, waterskiing isn’t a sport you can watch up close and see all the essential details necessary for both viewers and the jury to evaluate. The solution to that would be to livestream the event with cameras placed next to the skiers’ tracks, which seems like a simple plan until you get into the nitty-gritty of it.

Since the event occurs in a rural area, and waterskiing itself isn’t particularly stationary, the streaming specialists at LTP Streaming needed a well-thought-out solution. It had to include highly-robust and reliable pop-up network connectivity supplied to multiple cameras simultaneously to enable both streaming and feeding big amounts of data for on-screen graphics.




This challenge was no piece of cake, but LTP Streaming figured out the ideal recipe, with the main ingredient for uninterrupted network connectivity being our RUTX12 cellular router. This device has all the right features to support seamless data transmission, but after all, you can’t make a cake out of just one ingredient.

Internet speeds had to be exceptionally high and robust for the live stream to succeed. That’s why our partner, Bondix Intelligence, also became a significant component of the solution.

The RUTX12 was connected to Starlink via a wide area network (WAN) and with the help of dual SIM cards, it equipped the solution with two different Internet sources bonded by Bondix Intelligence. All three network sources were bonded together in the Bondix S. A. NE. tunnel to create robust connectivity and high throughput for transmitting large amounts of data. Bonding is extremely useful when supplying network connectivity in rural areas.

Once uninterrupted connectivity was ensured, the live stream took off. Real-time footage from the cameras traveled to the video editing station, where decisions were continuously made on which footage was to be displayed at which time. After that, video files traveled through a video encoding device to multiple online streaming platforms, in this case – Vimeo, making the viewing experience much less complicated and much more exciting.

Live streaming is a difficult task, so when done in a rural area, there’s no better choice than to put your trust in our RUTX12 and Bondix Intelligence’s bonding services.

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