5G Router for RV Internet & Camping Wi-Fi


✔ Establishing robust and reliable Internet for an RV can be a challenge, but the RUTX50 5G router by Teltonika Networks more than meets your camping Wi-Fi needs.

✔ This 5G router can reach cellular speeds of up to 3.3 Gbps and Wi-Fi 5 with data transmission rates of up to 867 Mbps, allowing for stellar RV Internet as though you were right at home.

✔ The RUTX50 is also packed with reliability features to keep your Wi-Fi for RV uninterrupted and seamless, such as dual SIM with failover. A tailor-made 5G combo MIMO antenna is also available for this device.


Few things in the modern world can make you feel as free as hitting the road with your RV, also known as a camper van. But being on the road or in the wild outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy and make use of a robust and reliable mobile RV Internet connection. This allows you to freely work remotely, stream movies, and play online as though you were at home – from anywhere.

However, establishing Internet for an RV is not as simple as for your average home. RV Internet requires a strong mobile signal to maintain smooth connectivity on the go, especially if you’re planning on crossing any borders. In addition, the device enabling Wi-Fi for the RV must be sturdy and ready to withstand the adverse environmental conditions of vibration-filled roads.

Of course, these challenges aren’t too big of a hassle with the right connectivity device. But why stop at good-enough Internet? Let’s future-proof your RV Wi-Fi and maximize its reliability, speed, and performance by choosing a 5G router that’s perfect for RV needs.




The RUTX50 is a 5G router with GNSS, capable of reaching cellular speeds of up to 3.3 Gbps and Wi-Fi 5 with data transmission rates of up to 867 Mbps. It also has 5 Ethernet ports for wired connections to any in-vehicle devices that could use the most minimal latency possible, such as a gaming console. Indeed, 5 is the magic number.

The device runs on Teltonika Networks’ RutOS, a software full to the brim with useful features and flexible configuration options, including automatic reboot, tracking of mobile data usage, SIM switching rules, and more.

The RUX50 is packed with reliability features to keep your RV Wi-Fi seamless and uninterrupted. It isn’t just another 5G router with a SIM card slot – it has 2 SIM cards slot and failover functionality. This not only keeps the connection running smoothly even if one of the cards is interrupted or if you cross the border, but it also saves costs on operator charges.

This 5G router is also capable of switching to 4G LTE Cat20 in case 5G isn’t available at any given location, and can use both SA/NSA 5G architectures. Last but not least, Teltonika Networks offers a tailor-made 5G combo MIMO antenna that’s the perfect RV Wi-Fi antenna for the job.

The RUTX50 is compatible with any type of RV battery, and does not require any special apps or complex installation. This 5G router is built to survive the harshest of environmental conditions, with a sturdy aluminum housing and resistance to vibrations and extreme temperatures between -40 °C to 75 °C.

Wherever the road takes you, the optimal 5G performance of the RUTX50 will be there with you.

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