Uninterrupted Connection to the Unwired Edge Cloud


Unwired Networks is an Austrian networking solutions provider aiming to simplify public Internet access and make it more accessible.

✔ Its client, Postbus, is Austria’s largest bus company. With 135 million passengers per year, mainly in rural areas, upgrading the connectivity of its entire fleet of buses is no simple task.

✔ Unwired Networks chose our high-performance RUT956 router to provide Postbus with robust and reliable LTE Cat 4 connectivity and maintain an uninterrupted connection with its Unwired Edge Cloud remote management service. RUT956 easily delivers the Internet equivalent of the perfect bus: getting you from A to B efficiently and comfortably.


If there is anything worse than your bus not having Wi-Fi, it’s your bus having bad Wi-Fi. The kind you struggle to log into on a browser page, is slow and clunky, and disappears completely when the road is deep enough into a rural area. Nobody wants that.

Austria’s largest bus company, Postbus, takes the speed and quality of its fleet’s connectivity very seriously. Approximately 70% of its passengers are schoolchildren, and we all know this particular age group isn’t known for its patience and analog lifestyle. Naturally, a stellar Internet connection is integral for staying competitive and meeting passenger needs. In addition, the same network is also needed for the efficient functioning of modern-day bus devices, such as cameras, vending machines, etc.

The problem Postbus faced was compounded by the nature and scope of its operations. Its routes cover rural areas with a far-from-ideal Internet signal, and with 135 million passengers per year (and an extra 4 million in the Czech Republic), calling its fleet large would be an understatement. Postbus needed a universal solution that not only provides fast and reliable connectivity irrespective of location but one that’s easy to install and manage. It reached out to the specialists at Unwired Networks, and its team had just the right solution in mind.




Unwired Networks chose our RUT956 high-performance router to overcome this challenge. Equipped with LTE Cat 4 Internet with Dual SIM and auto-failover, this cellular router ensures a reliable, uninterrupted connectivity at all costs. On the easy-to-install side of things, a wide range of voltages and zero configuration needed for the setup make adding this device to each and every bus in the fleet a quick and simple task.

Two Unwired Networks’ solutions were working together with RUT956: the Unwired Cloud OS firmware installed on the devices and the Unwired Edge Cloud service the routers maintain a stable connection with. Both simplify remote monitoring and management of the devices and their data communication. They also enhance the solution with additional functions, such as structured local networks for on-board devices with feature-rich passenger Wi-Fi with a dedicated VPN, content filtering, and an easy-to-configure user login portal.

On top of that, RUT956’s additional built-in VPN services, support of vehicle-friendly protocols, and GNSS capabilities for telemetry and monitoring, further cement this device as the perfect choice for this particular solution. Enhanced by RUT956-powered connectivity, each bus can support up to 100 simultaneous connections no matter where the road takes it, with the guarantee that comes with such high standards.

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