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May 27, 2024

The potential of Teltonika’s networking devices is immense. If you're in Kenya or Nigeria, seize the chance to witness it at two exhibitions. Meet us on June 26-28 at KICC, Nairobi, Kenya, for East Africa's Largest International Power & Energy Trade Exhibition. Then, from July 2-4, join us at the Federal Palace in Lagos, Nigeria, for the IoT West Africa Conference & Exhibition!


True words of wisdom tell that the chemistry of personal interaction is a catalyst for success. And there is nothing that we value more than engaging in honest conversations with those interested in IoT, trying to address their solution challenges as they go along the journey.


From IoT-based smart agriculture to its application in sectors such as energy, transportation, telecommunications, and beyond. We understand how time, operational efficiency, and cost are crucial when considering IoT devices.

This is precisely why Teltonika’s representatives are attending two renowned conferences in Kenya and Nigeria: East Africa’s Largest International Power & Energy Trade Exhibition and the IoT West Africa Conference & Exhibition!


Are you interested in industrial IoT, more particularly, in the power and energy sector around Kenya? Then, visiting us at East Africa’s Largest International Power & Energy Trade Exhibition is a must!

From June 26 to 28, at KICC in Nairobi, Kenya, our representatives will introduce attendees to IoT implementation and its potential to revolutionise current work practices and benefits received. Focusing on network switches, Wi-Fi routers and auto-failover routers as well as general network solutions, we’ll discuss the most relevant and promising potential business prospects for you.


Currently, our clients and third-party companies in East Africa tend to integrate our IoT devices into solutions that revolve around renewable energy, smart metering, and power generators. One such case is presented in the IoT Gateway for Water Purification System Data Transmission use case.

In this use case, Jibu, a for-profit social enterprise company, uses Odyssey Energy Solutions’ FernFlex controller and our TRB140 IoT gateway for their water purification systems. The most important note to take out of this use case is that the TRB140 gateway is employed not only for providing robust network connectivity for the entire solution. In fact, this IoT gateway is used to extract multiple data points that help Jibu make the most out of its solution.


Industrial IoT is by far the greatest area where our IoT devices offer a vast number of advantages. They’re robust, can be easily adapted to your specific needs, and are affordable compared to competitors. So, if you want to elevate your network solutions based in Kenya, it would be a shame to miss an opportunity to get to know us and our product portfolio!


If you work in sectors such as smart farming, telecoms, transportation, energy, utilities, and enterprise, IoT implementation is inevitable, and we can assist with that. So, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the IoT West Africa Conference & Exhibition and meet us there to discuss how to maximise the efficiency of your network solution.


From July 2 to 4, at the Federal Palace, Lagos, Nigeria, our representatives will be eager to chat with you about anything your IoT-inspired heart desires! However, we’ll also concentrate on our IoT devices, such as Wi-Fi routers and 8-port managed switches, which are, in fact, PoE+ switches, offering double the benefit. Of course, there will be many other devices that will undoubtedly pique your interest.

The IoT West Africa exhibition will provide an excellent platform for us to showcase our IoT devices, which enhance a variety of network solutions and address any of their emerging issues. Additionally, we’ll be sure to discuss other important topics with you, such as router prices in Nigeria, allowing you to see for yourself if our IoT devices are, indeed, a good deal.


Being an official member of MESA Africa, we at Teltonika are committed to sharing our expertise in smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 with other manufacturers, industry leaders, and solution providers. Consequently, we seek to identify the most fitting IoT devices for each of their requirements and needs. 


As our Head of Sales for Africa, Karolis Pužauskas, says: “With Africa’s increasing focus on energy management, it’s crucial to achieve peak efficiency and real-time data gathering within the power and energy sectors.

“Our IoT devices can bridge control centres and endpoints, facilitating seamless network and data flow for maximising effectiveness while saving costs. I believe that with the help of Teltonika, other companies can greatly accelerate their goals and contribute to Africa’s sustainable goals. 

“By having a chance to come to these exhibitions and meet us, participants will undoubtedly find many reasons why Teltonika’s IoT devices are a great choice of long-lasting and reliable connectivity for their solutions.” 


Great choice! We’re already very excited to meet you all at both exhibitions.


We will be at booth 237 during East Africa’s largest international power and energy trade exhibition, which will take place from June 26 to 28 at the KICC in Nairobi, Kenya.

We will be at the Gold Sponsor booth during the IoT West Africa Conference and Exhibition, which will be held from July 2 to 4 at Federal Palace Hotel, Balmoral Convention Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

If you want more details on how to find us there, feel free to contact our Africa’s region business development coordinator, Arnas Sorokas at [email protected]

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