Secure connectivity for bank branches


Today’s banking would be unimaginable without the internet and technology. Not a single service could be provided without having access to the internet, connecting various systems and databases of a bank. The financial sector is among the most rapidly changing verticals nowadays. While in some places of the world the growth of mobile and internet banking is making a portion of physical banks obsolete, in other places the number of branch additions is still on the rise, or elsewhere they are getting reshaped to meet the changing market needs and methods of providing services.


The bank branch connectivity has to overcome multiple challenges. Connection reliability is a must. Being a customer-oriented institution, a bank cannot risk to be offline even for short periods of time, as it may cause not just dissatisfaction of the clients but also system disturbances. There is no question regarding the required top-level security of the data and transactions of any kind. However, besides these more obvious requirements, there is also a demand for flexibility and ease of setting-up. The rapidly changing situation in demographics and economy, strikes a challenge to predict of where and for how long a specific branch would be needed. As such, the installation should be quick and easily applicable in another location.



The bank branches in the US and across the world are getting smaller in size and the staff. The number of full-time employees has declined and varies on average from 3 to 8 per branch. As seen in topology, such branches do not require a complicated network infrastructure and Ethernet connectivity fully suffices the day-to-day operations.

RUT300 Ethernet router has five fast Ethernet ports to easily plug in the computers and gives immediate access to the internet. It is a small device that will easily fit into any cabinet or on a desk and the Passive PoE feature makes it very simple to deploy avoiding additional wires and messy setups. A USB port can be used to easily connect a printer or other office equipment to the network.

This device enjoys an abundance of RutOS benefits. It comes with a preconfigured Firewall, meaning that it is immediately safe to use. It also offers a selection of 10 different VPN services to establish a secure and private connection between the branches and the headquarters. RUT300 is compatible with Remote Management System (RMS), so the routers can be easily configured, updated, and troubleshot from a distanced location. Additionally, RMS Connect allows you to reach the equipment connected to the routers and manage it remotely as well (e.g., computers, printers, IP phones, etc.).


  • Simple setting-up process – such solution takes minutes to connect and can be easily transferred to a new setting.
  • Security – pre-configured Firewall makes the device safe to use from the very first seconds without complicated configurations.
  • Multiple VPNs – 10 various VPN services to choose from to establish a private connection between the remote branches and the headquarters.
  • Small sized device – will fit into any server cabinet, drawer, or simply anywhere when using a DIN rail mounting option.
  • Remote management of the whole solution – via RMS Connect.


Teltonika Networks devices are made with different clients and usage scenarios in mind. Our portfolio includes a broad selection of networking products for various situations and settings, therefore allows the customer to select exactly what they need, not overpaying for the features they are not going to use. Besides, all of our routers come with advanced features of user-friendly RutOS, ensuring reliability and security at all times, and they are compatible with the RMS for convenient remote management of the whole network infrastructure.

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