RMS connect to empower remote POS solutions


The retail sector has evolved significantly over the last two decades. From having simple transaction-oriented cash registers, the businesses have moved towards smarter and more complex solutions, connecting multiple devices into unified systems, usually powered by CRMs. These developments had a great impact on how companies manage and plan their financial, man-power, and stock resources, and provide customers with a better experience while using their services. It also enabled a new approach - self-service shopping facilities that have already gained recognition and sympathy from users all around the globe.


Point of Sale (POS) terminals usually require to integrate the technologies previously installed in the retail facilities and third-party CRMs to connect them into one fully-functioning system and provide the maximum value. Only when set-up correctly, these systems can grant business intelligence and drive informed decisions and developments, resulting in competitive advantage and pleasant user experience. Any disruptions in such systems cause significant financial losses in the short term and damaged business image in the long run. The integrators of such POS systems and terminals are usually third-party vendors, and as such, are not present in retail locations. Therefore, the ability to remote monitor and manage these structures is more of a must rather than a commodity.


POS terminals require uninterrupted connectivity at all times, which is provided by our newest and most advanced LTE Cat 6 dual-SIM RUTX12 cellular router. As this solution demands reaching non-Teltonika Networks devices, RMS Connect functionality is used to accomplish this task. The effect it has on this system is immense because of multiple reasons.

Firstly, it allows the system integrator to remotely monitor each device from the comfort of their desktop. The interface allows accessing the third-party devices just as viewing them in front of you. So, whenever any issue occurs, the device can not only be remotely rebooted but also troubleshot, just like when being on-site. This significantly reduces the travel time and costs associated with it.

Another great advantage of RMS Connect is the possibility to conveniently update firmware and carry out multiple configurations on hundreds of devices at the same time from anywhere in the world. The owner of the solution usually implements it in various locations for several different facilities, so executing such a simple task would be incredibly time- consuming, inefficient, and costly.

The retail sector is extremely susceptible to safety violations. RMS has a proven record of successful application scenarios in mission-critical network infrastructures, especially due to the multiple certificates and attestations related to its’ security. Whenever financial operations are involved, the safety measures must always be ensured to the maximum level.




  • Security – top-level standard safety ensured by MQTT, TLS 1.2 and 1.3 protocols, and acknowledged with OWASP 2 certificate.
  • Contactless – less, or in some cases, even none employees needed to supervise the facility in person, which reduces cost of the solution and increase safety related to health-related concerns in the recent COVID-19 outbreak context.
  • Wireless – convenient implementation, monitoring and management in multiple retail facilities.
  • Remote management – no need to physically travel to resolve technical issues, easy access from any location in the world.
  • Access to third party devices – RMS Connect allows to reach third-party non Teltonika Networks devices.
  • Data collection – get information regarding technical status of your devices and marketing data into one platform, where you can analyse it and create reports.


Teltonika Networks is continually evolving in their product and feature offering to meet their clients’ needs. Besides offering a possibility to conveniently access, monitor and manage their networking devices, they are expanding the scope of their services to reaching third party products, while ensuring security, reliability and ease of use of the whole solution.

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