Wireless broadband connectivity for gas stations


Despite growing awareness regarding global warming and the greenhouse effect, gasoline and diesel remain the most common fuels today. Besides, the times when gas stations had only one purpose of supplying gasoline been long gone. Nowadays, they are multifunctional zones that often include convenience stores, cafes, resting areas, restrooms, and more. The number of gas stations is still growing in a lot of places around the world: some are in the cities and some - in remote areas. This variety comes with a set of connectivity challenges.


When it comes to gas stations, the connectivity challenges are many. To begin with, they usually belong to a chain, so the connectivity model needs to be universal to fit various locations and environments. Besides, the support of such chains is usually centralized. Hence having a unified connectivity solution eases up the support procedures and reduces the resources required for IT support. Also, it makes the time to set up a new station much shorter, simpler, and more cost-efficient.




RUTX14 router is the central piece of this solution. This first-ever LTE Cat 12 cellular router in our portfolio enables quick and easy deployment in any situation, even in remote areas. Opting for wireless cellular connectivity reduces the complexity of the solution, so it takes significantly less time and installation resources. Cat 12 router can reach speeds up to 600 Mbps, which is enough to serve the varied needs of devices used in similar environments.

Surveillance cameras inside and outside the petrol station, Points of Sale (POS), digital signage screens require speedy connection, network stability, and broad data bandwidth. These devices connect to the router via Ethernet cables through five available Gigabit ports available on RUTX14. Product scanners, tablets, and other wireless devices used for work purposes connect to a private WIFI network for security reasons. There is a separate public Guest WIFI created for the visitors. A wide selection of VPN services ensures that the most varied security requirements and preferences are met.

For an even more simplified solution, our TSW100 switch can power up the cameras via PoE. Compatibility with RMS and various other IoT platforms enables remote accessibility for IT support teams and various integrators to prevent any downtime and solve issues immediately and cost-efficiently.


  • Speedy connection with download speeds up to 600 Mbps and upload speeds up to 150 Mbps.
  • Quick and straightforward setup for an all-in-one solution to connect an ecosystem of multiple devices.
  • Multiple WANs and various VPNs to secure your network.
  • Remote management and monitoring via RMS or a variety of third-party IoT platforms.


Teltonika Networks puts a great emphasis on partnerships and clients and responds to their needs and requirements. We are constantly developing new devices based on their feedback and requests. We keep adding new features with every new product and software update to maintain security, reliability, and ease of use while staying competitive in the market. That is also how our latest and first-ever Cat 12 router was born - dictated by the demand of our partners.

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