Efficient Parcel Terminal Management with RMS


✔ Parcel terminals are the golden standard of modern-day consumerism – you pick up your order when you want to, where you want to. This is only possible thanks to the sheer number of such terminals spread across as wide an area as possible.

✔ This is a recurring headache when it comes to routinely updating the terminals’ firmware and providing them with troubleshooting support. Doing so manually is incredibly expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.

✔ Using RMS, the entire process can be done remotely, easily, and securely. RMS Connect allows you to access and control the PC of any of your terminals via SSH, and to view its screen via VNC. With RMS, it’s as though you were right in front of it!


When you decide to buy a product, you want to have as much control as you can over all parts of the process. That’s why you browse different online vendors to compare options and prices, and why you always choose the best shipping option available. In most cases – that option is picking up your shipment by yourself at the nearest parcel terminal. After all, who better to get it home than yourself?

But the issue with these parcel terminals lies in their very function: at least one needs to be nearby any given customer, and there are a lot of customers in the world. These terminals run on software that requires firmware updates and troubleshooting. And since they need connectivity, each one has a networking device that also needs updates and troubleshooting, but not always by the same engineer. Sending an army of engineers to scour the land to work on every single terminal is incredibly expensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.

So what would be a cheaper, quicker, and more efficient way to maintain these terminals?

Since the terminals have connectivity devices, this problem needs a centralizing service that would allow remote access and management of these devices, as well as of the terminal’s PC controlling it. As it happens, we have just the thing!




Teltonika Network’s Remote Management System (RMS) is an IoT platform for easily managing your fleet of connectivity devices (ours or 3rd party) remotely. In this case, let’s say it’s our RUT951 high-performance industrial router. Your entire fleet of parcel terminal routers can receive an update or a routine password change within a few clicks. Reaching a malfunctioning device for troubleshooting is quick and simple, without the need for the hassles of traveling.

In addition, RMS Connect allows you to access and control the PC of the terminal via SSH, and to view its screen via virtual network computing (VNC). This gives you the same support capabilities as someone standing in front of the terminal. But better than that – you now stand in front of all of your terminals at once, while sitting comfortably at home or at your office. And of course, this entire process is secured with RMS VPN, with which you can even reach the web interface of the terminal’s security cameras and check their stream when needed.

All in all, RMS improves the scope and efficiency of your machine fleet maintenance and support, at the fraction of the cost of doing so manually. The same reasons for how you buy your products apply to how you work with your fleet: it’s better if you do it yourself, and if you do it comfortably.

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