Cellular router for public transport connectivity


✔ Public transport is a widely used means of transportation. Safe and comfortable travelling is improved with a network device that connects all security and convenience features into one system.

✔That’s where our trusted industrial router comes in. The RUT956 LTE router ensures continuous connectivity, allowing for smooth and secure operations for equipment such as CCTV cameras, panic buttons, etc.

✔Any disruption to the Internet connection could harm this system’s functionality. That’s why our device is equipped with dual SIM, which, in case of connectivity failure, automatically switches from a primary to a secondary connectivity source.

The challenge – secure and comfortable travelling

Public transport is currently one of the most used ways of travel, having reached 3.78 billion annual users in 2023. Travelling by buses, trains, and metro plays an important role in providing efficient transportation for a large number of people.

Users of public transport prefer comfortable and satisfying travelling, achieved with high-speed Wi-Fi, online ticket purchasing, real-time schedule access, and digital screens providing relevant information for the passengers.

The importance of this infrastructure calls for an advanced network device, connecting people, equipment, and cloud services into one seamless system. That’s where our RUT956 cellular router steps in.



The solution – undisrupted connectivity with the RUT956

Installed as a part of the communication system, our cellular router provides seamless 4G LTE connectivity for both wired and wireless connections. This is possible thanks to the multiple interfaces our router is equipped with. For instance, RS232 and RS485 facilitate serial communication while multiple I/Os and four Ethernet ports allow the LTE router to communicate with other devices via LAN or WAN.

The RUT956 industrial cellular router has dual SIM cards, so in case of a connectivity failure, the device automatically switches its connectivity source from a primary to a secondary one. This feature helps to avoid disrupted connectivity and keeps the communication system going without any hiccups.

Our industrial router is capable of connecting CCTV cameras thanks to its robust and reliable LTE Cat 4 connectivity. Another great advantage of this 4G router is its embedded GNSS module, providing location services and time synchronisation. This provides customers with real-time traffic data. The data shows the precise location and movement of vehicles, made available by Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems.

This cellular router is compatible with our Remote Management System (RMS), allowing for remote management and monitoring capabilities. For instance, with the help of remote management, I/O-empowered devices such as panic buttons can be installed across the bus. It gives even more control to the bus operators in case of an accident or unpleasant passenger experience, as well as ensures a safe travelling experience for the customers.

Wherever there is connectivity, there is a continuous cycle of enhanced public transport services, accommodating passengers, drivers and company's needs. All of this is possible with our industrial cellular router – the RUT956!

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