Cellular router for Wi-Fi hotspot in taxis


✔ Taxis are one of the most popular ways of travelling, attracting thousands of customers per day. That is why competition among taxi service providers is high – customers choose the operator with the best services, comfort being a key element.

✔ For comfortable traveling, undisrupted Wi-Fi connectivity is a must. However, to ensure it works seamlessly, a networking device is needed.

✔ The RUT906 cellular router by Teltonika Networks was chosen for its continuous connectivity. This networking device provides a seamless and undisrupted Wi-Fi hotspot, precise GNSS capabilities, and remote management and access.

The challenge – seamless and undisrupted connectivity

Taxis, as a mean of transportation, is a popular way of traveling for many; specifically in big cities, where daylife and nightlife are at their peak. For instance, the global taxi market was valued at $203.16 billion in 2022. This number is poised to grow to $618.11 billion by 2031, at a CAGR of 13.16%.

Taxi customers expect a high-quality service going beyond a clean taxi, a polite driver, and quickly reaching their destination. A Wi-Fi hotspot with seamless connectivity allowing customers to enjoy the ride must also be included.

Simultaneously, reliable connectivity is just as necessary for taxi drivers too. Tracking taxi locations allows operators to monitor fleet movements, optimise routes, and enhance operational efficiency.

However, achieving all of this isn't easy. It’s also important to consider the dense buildings and high network congestion of urban areas. Maintaining strong and stable connectivity requires a reliable networking device to ensure consistent service for passengers and efficient location tracking for operators, no matter what physical obstructions might surround the taxis.

To ensure all these requirements are met, a trusted network device is needed. That’s where the Teltonika Networks RUT906 cellular router comes in.



The solution – the RUT906 cellular router

The RUT906 is a dual SIM card router renowned for its reliable and robust LTE Cat 4 connectivity. Like many of our cellular routers, this cellular router is equipped with the hotspot feature, providing taxi users access to a Wi-Fi network, enhancing passenger experience with high-speed Internet during taxi rides.

This router is compatible with our IoT platform, Remote Management System (RMS), providing operators with remote monitoring and centralised management capabilities. RMS works wonders for cost-effectiveness and efficiency, allowing engineers to remotely fix network issues or update firmware.

Additionally, this cellular router embellishes reliability with networking solutions. This dual SIM card router has two SIM card slots, enabling you to insert cards from two separate ISPs. This way, the device enables redundancy in case one network is unavailable or experiencing issues.

Moreover, auto-failover automatically switches network traffic from one connection to another when the primary connection fails or becomes unreliable. This failover router also has backup WAN, which involves having multiple WAN connections available, with one designated as the primary connection and the others serving as backups in case of a network failure.

These features ensure continuous operation and minimised downtime if network disruption occurs by transitioning to the backup system without manual intervention.

Finally, our cellular router allows for accurate location tracking and precise location services with integrated GNSS. This constellation of satellites that provides positioning, navigation, and timing services works by determining geographic locations and enabling networking solutions to provide precise time and location.

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