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January 24, 2024

Each year, January seems to be the month dedicated to Teltonika Networks’ IoT gateways, enriched with specialised features for use in new and exciting industrial sectors and settings. Last January, we introduced you to TRB143 – the gateway for telemetry. Now is no better time than to welcome the new TRB256 IoT gateway – with 450 MHz support! 


We know well that public networks support frequencies that range from 900 to 2600 MHz band. With the phasing out of 2G and 3G networks, current and emerging mobile technologies are leaning towards the concurrence of higher frequencies. So, this leaves a lot of room for repurposing lower frequencies for alternative applications. Our role here is to bring these opportunities to you. 


The rays of 450 MHz, also known as B31, are relatively new but definitely exciting when considering the entire band spectrum. Previously (and most prominently) used by official authorities, the 450 MHz band has been recently approved for use by private organisations and sectors specialising in utilities or mission-critical IoT applications.


The best part about it? Private networks in Industrial IoT, just like the 450 HMz band, provide greater security, reliability, and control over your network infrastructure and its performance compared to public networks. 

Additionally, the lower the frequency, the larger the area a particular band can cover, so 450 MHz is extremely beneficial to applications that require strong signal penetration and great connectivity coverage. And if your IoT solutions demand such requirements, feast your eyes on our TRB256 – the IoT gateway ready to serve you well! 


The TRB256 is a Teltonika Networks NB-IoT gateway that excels in versatility to provide reliable connectivity for a multitude of networking solutions. When we say a multitude, we really mean it. Equipped with dual SIM functionality for auto-failover and multiple interfaces, like RS232, RS485, and Ethernet, the TRB256 can be easily adapted to your IoT solutions without needing to adjust, change, or replace their existing components.


Connectivity options that this IoT gateway supports contribute to its applicability. The TRB256 supports 4G LTE Cat M1 mobile connectivity, which is compounded by support of NB1 and NB2 and LTE-M IoT technologies. This array of connectivity options broadens the range of IoT applications the device can facilitate, particularly in areas such as smart metering, telemetry, and predictive maintenance. Moreover, these options expand connectivity coverage and provide a greater cost-to-efficiency ratio. 

The 450 MHz band support is particularly useful for networking solutions located in rural areas, those encumbered by physical obstructions, or systems operating on legacy machinery. Just make sure you install a compatible antenna that supports 450 MHz to obtain this level of robustness! 

This industrial-grade IoT gateway is encased in black aluminium housing with 83 x 25 x 74.2 mm dimensions for sleek and seamless integration into any system. 


Beneath the rugged design of this industrial gateway lies RutOS – an in-house software developed by Teltonika Networks R&D team. RutOS empowers you to tailor the TRB256 to meet your specific needs or preferences, further enhancing the cost-effectiveness and convenience of this device. 


This cellular gateway supports a range of protocols, including Modbus, DNP3, DLMS, OPC UA, and BACnet. These protocols are particularly advantageous for sectors such as manufacturing, utilities, and building automation for streamlining your IoT solution’s operations and enhancing system interoperability. And with RutOS’s recent update, device control is improved even further! 

It’d be a sin not to mention the TRB256’s compatibility with Teltonika Networks’ remote management system – RMS. Whether you want simple remote monitoring or advanced control over your device or fleets of devices, RMS grants you such capabilities. In addition to remote management and control, you can safely connect to your third-party devices via RMS Connect or establish secure VPN tunnels between devices via RMS VPN. 


The energy and utility sectors are experiencing rapid operational changes. By improving current solutions and establishing new ones, the integration of IoT is inevitable. This is why the TRB256 IoT gateway exists. Whether it’s for connecting legacy machinery or smart grids, this cellular gateway provides robust network connectivity and cost-effectiveness.


As the TRB256 supports NB-IoT and LTE-M bands, this cellular gateway can be a perfect substitute for maintaining robust connectivity in IoT solutions that include legacy machinery, systems, or components that rely on 2G and 3G networks. And since this industrial IoT gateway has interfaces, such as RS232 and RS485, compatibility between the physical connectivity of the gateway and legacy equipment is assured. 

Alternatively, this industrial IoT gateway is just as suitable and simple to integrate into more diverse and innovative IoT solutions focusing on cases, like metering infrastructures or predictive maintenance. With the TRB256’s support of the private 450 MHz band, this gateway ensures uninterrupted and increased data transmission rates while reducing the need for extensive infrastructure. Perfect for remote solutions! 


While we put a great emphasis on 450 MHz band support, the TRB256 cellular gateway is just as well-suited for cases that don’t necessitate this feature. By installing a regular antenna that supports 4G LTE mobile connectivity to the IoT gateway, you can use it universally. This can range from device integration in smart city applications to automation. The same amount of applications, just without the support of the private network. 


Are you particularly interested in smart grid applications, where the TRB256 IoT gateway thrives? Then we have a use case for you!

The IoT Gateway with 450 MHz Support for Energy Utility Network use case emphasises the sector’s need for high-quality connectivity. There, the TRB256 industrial gateway acts as a crucial link between residential electricity generators and distant head-end systems, ensuring reliable connectivity and rapid data exchange.

If the TRB256, its compatibility with 450 MHz, or applications in IoT solutions spark your interest, we invite you to a webinar hosted by our Operational Marketing Project Manager, Evelina Sinkevičiūtė. On February 6th, 11 AM GMT+2, Evelina will go over the details of this device and showcase its true potential. 

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