Our managed switches attain Profinet certification

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February 26, 2024

Since their grand debut, the Teltonika Networks TSW202 and TSW212 managed switches have supported the Profinet protocol. However, we’re excited to announce that these managed switches are now officially certified by Profinet. This certification serves as a testament to the switches’ compliance with other devices within industrial machines and plants. 


With the new Ethernet switch revolution, we at Teltonika Networks aim to provide you with the most competitive and market-driven switches in IoT. The most recent addition to the Ethernet switch portfolio is the TSW202 and TSW212 managed switches that entered the market with support of three widely-used industrial communication protocols, one of them being Profinet. 

While both managed switches have been compatible with Profinet since their release, they have recently achieved an even more significant milestone – the Profinet certification! What does this mean for the Teltonika Networks managed switches and your networking solutions? Let’s unpack everything Teltonika Networks and Profinet-related and see why it’s something to get excited about. 


Profinet is one of the most popular industrial Ethernet protocols that facilitates interaction and reliability among Profinet-compatible devices within the IoT field. It can be utilised across multiple networking solutions specialising in sectors such as digitalisation and Industry 4.0, enhancing M2M communication for multiple controllers and industrial equipment. 


The most significant aspect of the Profinet protocol is that it’s responsible for exceptionally swift and time-accurate data exchange between machines and controllers. The speeds achieved are so rapid they can be challenging to fully grasp! 

While the human brain undergoes a delay of a few milliseconds from thought to action, the Profinet protocol empowers networking solutions with data transmission speeds that have data delay tolerances measured in microseconds. This is not only extremely impressive, but more importantly – it leads to safer, less costly, and higher quality processes, like manufacturing.


The TSW202 PoE+ switch and TSW212 Ethernet switch are officially Profinet-certified, indicating these networking devices are fully capable of satisfying the extensive requirements associated with managed switches. And since Profinet supports data transfer rates of up to 1 Gbps, networking solutions specialising in industrial, automation, manufacturing, and robotics can greatly benefit from employing Profinet-compliant managed switches in their network infrastructure. 


Managed switches that are certified by Profinet can offer automated data processing, real-time network management, and diagnostics, which can help monitor your network’s status or perform troubleshooting. This duo can also promise the utmost flexibility over your networking solutions equipment: from simple sensors to advanced PLCs, the managed switches can seamlessly integrate them into one system and facilitate outstanding operational efficiency. 

Teltonika Networks managed switches are also superior for establishing network infrastructure’s prioritisation. The TSW202 and TSW212 come equipped with QoS features, enabling you to prioritise Profinet traffic over other data flows. 

This way, you can control which time-sensitive data is transmitted and received as efficiently as possible, making sure that your networking solutions are optimised for industrial applications where timing and reliability are critical. 


Now that we’ve covered the most relevant information about Profinet and the Teltonika Networks managed switches, the question is: what does this certification mean to us? 

With this certification, we’ve become members of the official association of manufacturers supporting the Profinet protocol and have also become members of the UK Profinet Association. 


As Teltonika Networks’ Ethernet switches product owner, Martynas Karpavičius, says: “This certification not only opens doors to previously inaccessible niche markets but also assures our clients that Teltonika Networks’ managed switches have undergone thorough testing in varying scenarios, consistently meeting Profinet’s standards. 

“With devices that support Profinet, Ethernet/IP, MRP, and LLDP representing roughly 80% of the industrial Ethernet switch market, this certification positions us to secure a significant share of the market.” 

This is a significant achievement for Teltonika Networks, marking a strong foundation in entering the Ethernet switches sphere. We encourage you to reach out if you have any switches or Profinet-related questions and rest assured they’ll be answered! 

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