January 2, 2024

It comes as no surprise that Teltonika Networks did a lot in 2023. So much so, its achievements deserve their own article. And this isn’t just about patting ourselves on the back – that year marked some truly great milestones regarding networking solutions that are sure to make promising changes in the IoT market.


Years come and go, but the impact we create for IoT stays. And in 2023, we made a pretty good dent in paving ways to new markets and improving the overall client experience. In fact, we believe our achievements in 2023 are set to significantly shape the future trajectory for us and our products, and networking solutions they enable. 

Let us go through some of the most significant milestones Teltonika Networks has hit in 2023! 


2023 was the year of change – of good change! During it, we launched our new website that looks great, wouldn’t you agree? 

While it took some time, all efforts were worth it. We improved user interface and experience, changed and improved the design, and, most importantly – enhanced the structure, making access to all the information relevant for your networking solutions easier than ever. 

We aim to be closer to our clients, so it was a no-brainer to make our website available with the languages they speak! Currently, the website is fully-available in six languages: English, Lithuanian, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Japanese. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re stopping at these languages only, and we already have plans for future translations! 


We seek, and we reach high. Branching out to an entirely new product group has been in our plans for a long enough time to kick it off with a product our clients would find favourable. So in 2023, we released the TAP100 and TAP200 – the very first wireless access points in Teltonika Networks’ history! 

With the TAP100 wireless access point spearheading this venture, the device was crafted to enhance Wi-Fi coverage for networking solutions in low to medium-density environments. The release of the TAP100 was a fundamental moment in expanding Teltonika Networks to the enterprise market. 

Building on this momentum, we introduced the TAP200. This access point drew inspiration from the TAP100, extensive market research, and client feedback. With the TAP200 came along Wi-Fi 5 technology, greater connectivity and robustness, and speeds of up to 450 Mbps.


We don’t plan to stop at just this duo of wireless access points. So expect much greater expansion in the enterprise market in 2024!


Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) is well-known for its convenience over remote management and monitoring capabilities for networking solutions. Whether controlling a single device or hundreds of them, RMS provides a notably seamless experience for all IoT solutions. However, with the implementation of RMS Alerts and Automation features, the platform transforms into a limitless customisation tool. 

While the concept of alerts and automation in networking isn’t groundbreaking or entirely new in networking solutions, the way you can configure these alerts using RMS is what stands out the most. 

Essentially, you can create multiple “if X, then Y” stacks of conditions that will not only send alerts whenever you wish but automatically reduce unnecessary communication. Additionally, you can choose the frequency and duration of alerts as well as the type of notification your assigned personnel or machinery will receive. 

If you want to see how such a high level of customisation can be employed in real-life situations, read this article


For Teltonika Networks, 2023 stands out as the year of achieving exceptionally granular control over IoT solutions. This enhanced control is attributed not only to RMS but also to Teltonika Networks’ first-ever managed switches – the TSW202 PoE+ switch and the TSW212 Ethernet switch! 

These two new connectivity sheriffs were developed based on feedback from our partners and extensive market research. According to Teltonika Networks CTO, Mantas Čižauskas, we particularly focused on what speed, number of ports, and mounting options for managed switches are most desired for contemporary networking solutions. 

We launched two great managed switches packed with many market-competitive features and paired them with essential protocols for M2M communication, like Profinet for automated data processing, MRP for ring topologies, and Ethernet/IP for improving response time and data throughput, which are especially crucial in the IIoT sector. 

Both the TSW202 and TSW212 Ethernet switches run on their newly established operating system, WitchOS, which features an intuitive design and high customisation tools. So, it will be a piece of cake for you to make these network switches suit your networking solution needs.  

Besides the release of the long-awaited TSW202 and TSW212 managed switches, 2023 brought a momentous revolution to Teltonika Networks in the form of a substantial 30 percent reduction in the prices of network switches

Teltonika Networks Head of Sales, Vytautas Sventickas, said that this new pricing strategy will have an immense impact on the IoT market, as this price reduction makes our network switches the best value for our clients! 

The bottom line of this is that Teltonika Networks offers an excelling combination of extensive network switch options and competitive pricing – the best of both worlds. This ensures you get a great value and selection ratio for your networking solutions. 


RutOS – the Teltonika Networks operating system for routers, gateways, and wireless access points truly excelled in the number of new features and additions it had included this year. Becoming fully-available in Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese on top of English and German, was one of them! 

For the 7.05 version, our R&D improved the security, user experience, and structure of RutOS. This involves new developments for ports and network topology diagram pages, making tracking and overseeing the statuses of your networking solutions much easier. 

Proficiency and convenience are what we aim for, and this includes the developments of RutOS. So, we always encourage our partners, clients, and IoT enthusiasts to contact us and suggest what new features or functionalities should be included in upcoming OS versions that their networking solutions require. After all, many of them did derive from clients’ needs! 


In 2023, we emphasised our strive to gather IoT-driven communities where enthusiasts could share a live platform for chats and idea-generation. This endeavour sparked the creation of an event known as the Teltonika Tech Summit! 

Recently, Teltonika Networks held its inaugural Tech Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, a gathering dedicated to the engineers of IoT and networking solutions. At the summit, our teams presented tons of exclusive content about Teltonika Networks’ roadmap, including teasers of upcoming product launches. 

Additionally, the event highlighted the paramount importance we place on the security of RutOS and RMS and the vast capabilities these platforms offer. With the great success of this event, a new one is in the making, this time taking place in Warsaw, Poland. And that’s just the beginning – we have a lineup of thrilling events planned for 2024! 


Hands down, 2023 was the year of new beginnings worth celebrating. We’re grateful and appreciative of everyone who contributed to these successes and milestones and were so eager to drive Teltonika Networks to further expansion. 

It was a great year. Let’s repeat it again next year! 

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